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Accelerate Your Journey to Modern Commerce

Your Guide to Implementing a Modern Commerce Strategy

Modern commerce is a must-do for today’s B2B businesses. From dynamic, transparent pricing to personalized offers to omnichannel sales, you need to keep up with your customers or get left behind.

Get there faster with Accelerate Your Journey To Modern Commerce, an April 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of PROS. This in-depth study includes statistics, analysis, and recommendations to help you craft and implement a successful modern commerce strategy. It covers:

  • What sales orgs think buyers want – and what they actually want.
  • 4 Ways to meet B2B buyers’ changing expectations.
  • How to beat top challenges on the path to modern commerce.
  • Risks of NOT implementing a modern commerce strategy.
  • 5 Steps to easy, effective, personalized selling.

Kickstart your modern commerce initiative with the ideas and insights in this study from Forrester Consulting.

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Configuration, Pricing and Quoting: The Power Of One Solution
Configuration, Pricing and Quoting: The Power Of One Solution

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Choosing the Best Path to Better Pricing
Choosing the Best Path to Better Pricing

In a very real sense, winning in business is about choosing a more effective route to the same place.