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Dynamic Guided Selling: An Introduction

Innovative analytics that leverage AI capabilities are helping organizations reimagine the sales process—and the results can be game-changing. By deploying digital technologies, teams are moving away from a rigid, linear view of the buyer engagement to one that automatically adapts in near-real time to changes in buying behavior.

In this research brief, Forrester SiriusDecisions explores dynamic guided selling and how it works like a GPS for sales, automatically capturing and analyzing buyer and customer interactions to deliver sales insights and intelligence. Dynamic guided selling caters to the needs of buyers and sales reps by providing personalized guidance to reps and tailored responses for buyers through the entire selling process.

Learn more about what dynamic guided selling can do for your business:

  • Help sales reps win more deals, more efficiently
  • Align buyer needs with product and service capabilities
  • Accelerate the sales process with personalized product and price recommendations
  • Enable buyers to confidently navigate complex portfolios on their own
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