Amplify Your Pricing Processes With AI - Learn How at PPS Atlanta

You’ve heard it before disrupt yourself before someone else does. Unseating a corporate giant doesn’t happen overnight, but the ever-growing list of major disruptors shows us how innovation can quickly shorten their lifespan. 
Just look at the Fortune 1000 list, and it’s easy to see that what got you here today won’t get you where you want to go tomorrow. Many renowned companies have been unseated from the list by entrepreneurs and start-ups. But the companies that embrace technology and transform digitally can strengthen their business models and meet the evolving needs of their customers. 
With more buyers shifting to digital channels, existing sales and pricing processes may be hurting your ability to compete against more agile organizations that don’t have the same overhead and baggage. The answer isn’t to forget everything you’ve learned, but to systematically augment everything you’ve learned with Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that you can amplify the value delivered across your channels and extend your lead on the competition. AI gives you a competitive advantage and enables you to effectively respond to changing market conditions.

Learn More at the PPS Conference in Atlanta

Hear Craig Zawada, PROS Chief Visionary Officer, explain the benefits of AI-powered pricing in his keynote presentation, “Pricing 2020 A Visionary’s Perspective on the Pricing Discipline” on May 9. 
What you’ll learn: 
  • A retrospective on how far we’ve come in the pricing profession 
  • The pricing rules you need to “unlearn” 
  • Why there is far more risk today in getting the price wrong
  • Recommendations for new pricing capabilities companies need to adopt
We hope you can join us!

About the Author

Craig Zawada

Craig is responsible for creating the vision for how PROS uses data and technology to help companies drive their business strategy. A widely published author, Zawada is perhaps best well known for co-authoring The Price Advantage, which has been recognized as one of the most pragmatic books available on pricing strategy. Prior to joining PROS, he was a partner and leader in the Marketing and Sales Practice at McKinsey & Company.

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