Michael Wu

Dr. Michael Wu is a passionate data science thought leader, strategist, author and international speaker. He joined PROS recently as Chief AI Strategist to help other companies outperform via the use of big data, machine learning, and AI. Prior to PROS, Michael has served as the Chief Scientist at Lithium over the past decade, where he focuses on developing predictive and prescriptive algorithms to extract insights from social media data. His research spans many areas, including customer experience, CRM, online influence, gamification, digital transformation, AI, etc. His R&D won him the recognition as an Influential Leader by CRM Magazine along with Mark Zuckerberg and other industry giants.

  • How to Use AI in Business to Make Better Decisions

    How to Use AI in Business to Make Better Decisions

    Business has entered an era where AI is the new business intelligence. But what is AI and how can you use AI in business to make better decisions? Learn more.

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  • Get Ready for the AI Revolution52:40

    Get Ready for the AI Revolution

    In this session from Microsoft Envision 2018, PROS Chief AI Strategist Michael Wu arms you with critical insights and next steps in leveraging AI-enabled solutions. Watch now.

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