Are your Sales Reps Motivated to Grow?

June 8, 2017 Loretta Faluade

What’s the best way to get a donkey to move in the direction you want it to go? A carrot or stick? This delves into the deeper more complex question of the appropriate way of motivating a person or team towards a common goal. Are the motivation tactics rooted in fear, or grounded in love and appreciation? Many companies struggle with ways to consistently motivate and failure to do so misaligns employee behavior with your desired outcomes. In the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Stephen Covey states that the difference between “poorly motivated and highly motivated employees is about 500%.” Think about that…500%!

Fortunately, there have been many other books and articles written about ways to engage and motivate employees. You can employ tactics such as fostering a positive employee culture, opening the avenues for communication and honesty, providing clear career growth opportunities, etc. Another key way to motivate employees is by providing recognition and reward for performance. This means taking the time to clearly outline what success looks like and what the incentives and rewards are for achieving success so employees see the benefits of their efforts. With these incentives and rewards in place, you now put your employees in the driver’s seat of achieving success. It’s just as important that you provide access to your employees have instant access to their incentive plans so they have a constant gauge of how they are performing to the success metrics which has been outlined for the role.

There is no organization who contributes daily and impacts the top line revenue for a company than the sales organization. Therefore, it’s critical to provide sales teams with incentives to motivate them to sell more and to sell fast. Empowering them with tools which will accelerate the sales cycle to deliver the right products at the right price to customers is a first step and PROS Smart CPQ is the tool that delivers! A recent study for shows that 50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first. Smart CPQ accelerates the sales cycle and delivers insights derived from analytics and machine learning algorithms to enable sales reps to find the right products for that customer. Using dynamic pricing science, sales reps can get prescriptive insights of the willingness to pay for that customer, for that product, at that time and provide a winning price for that opportunity.

Delivering sales incentives during the quoting process takes you leaps and bounds further. It extends modern commerce to your sales team by providing them with visibility into the real time financial impact of pricing decisions for every quote. With Smart CPQ and Xactly Incentive Comp Management solutions, you can provide transparency which further drives sales performance and aligns sales rep behavior to organizational goals.

Motivate your sales reps with Smart CPQ and Xactly and deliver sales automation and profits through personalized selling. Watch this short demo video to see how you can transform your selling process with Smart CPQ and Xactly. To learn more, visit us at

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Loretta Faluade

Loretta Faluade is a solution strategy director at PROS where she leads the development and execution of the go-to-market strategy for their sales transformation solutions. She is instrumental in helping organizations understand how to develop impactful digital transformation initiatives which transform the buying experiences for their customers.

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