Building Profits Beyond the Pandemic

PROS and Icertis partner in Australia and New Zealand to help organisations optimise pricing, selling and contract lifecycle management through times of disruption.

Building profits beyond the pandemic

The immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how organisations that invested in digital commerce were able to deliver a unique and relevant customer experience even in the face of global disruption,  and so have been able to not just survive, but actively outperform their peers.

Unfortunately, we have also seen the impact on those organisations who have not yet made these investments and who are now struggling to transform their business practices to adjust to the ‘next normal’. Without investing in digital selling capabilities, those businesses face a long and difficult struggle to recover.

PROS, the provider of AI-powered dynamic pricing, CPQ, and revenue management solutions, has been partnering with Icertis, the contract intelligence company that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with contract lifecycle management (CLM), in Australia and New Zealand to deliver collaborative expertise in the areas of pricing, selling and contract management. Together they help organisations quickly recover from the setbacks of the pandemic and build resilience and long-term profitability during these times of uncertainty. 

Global partners since 2016, the PROS and Icertis technology integration delivers a seamless and effortless lead-to-contract solution in the cloud so that businesses can accelerate revenue and win deals faster. The partnership in Australia and New Zealand will enable local enterprises to better compete in the new, buyer-driven digital selling marketplace, where an exceptional customer experience is paramount. PROS Smart CPQ along with the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform enables sellers to more accurately predict customer needs and prescribe – in real-time – product configurations and price guidance to deliver winning quotes and proposals and accelerate contract execution. The seamless integration drives higher revenues and faster profit realisation for organizations across every industry.

Businesses in Australia and New Zealand can now easily embrace the opportunity to move to digital commerce, both to react appropriately to the current state of global commerce, and to prepare for the future. PROS and Icertis have invested heavily in building user-friendly, intelligent Digital Selling and Contract Lifecycle Management platforms that offer the kind of integrated analytic-based insight and capabilities necessary to respond to such rapid and aggressive market changes. 

Whatever changes that continue to arise from the COVID-19 outbreak, PROS and Icertis are committed to helping organisations responsibly navigate the uncertainties of short-term demands and the continuity of contracting operations, while adopting the approaches to deliver success in the mid- and long-term. 

Learn more at our virtual coffee shop on September 2nd. 

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Haley Glasgow

A technical and business oriented IT leader with over ten years of experience in delivery and sales across many industries and markets. She is passionate about helping companies accelerate their digital transformation in areas around pricing and selling to power their eCommerce, direct and indirect sales channels.

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