Get in the Driver’s Seat and See How Smart CPQ Can Personalize Your Sales Process

Buying a car is easy and fun…said no one ever! I don’t know about you but my experience with shopping ranges from easy process to an absolute nightmare! I am a millennial and as one, I have done tons of research before I even go to any car dealerships so I tend to know exactly what car I want and how much I am willing to pay for it. But upon entry into a dealership, I am badgered by an overzealous sales person whose focus is on trying to sell me a car with upgraded features which I don’t need. Instead of focusing on what I am asking for, they proceed to try and sell me on additional packages which I neither want or need. The car buying process ends up taking endless hours and in the end I walk out frustrated swearing never to go back to that dealership.

The same frustrating experience I felt when trying to buy a car, is the same strain you may be putting your customers under with your out of date sales processes. Today, many companies understand that the overall sales experience is the most important factor in a buying decision.1 But many fail to properly define what that experience looks like and in doing so, they fall short in providing the desired sales experience for their customers. Buyers like myself are looking for vendors who can provide frictionless, fast and personalized sales engagements and your failure to do so will result in losing prospective customers. In fact, 70% of B2B buyers indicate they will leave a company after one inferior experience rarely giving them a second chance so you have to deliver that experience successfully the first time.

Recent studies by show that in a B2B sales cycle, 50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first so it’s critical that you accelerate your sales cycle. In addition to accelerating your time-to-quote, you must also personalize the product offers for your customers and modernize your approach to pricing. The traditional method of pricing on experience and intuition does little to maximize margin or revenue. Instead you must deploy a science pricing strategy based which analyzes each customer to determine their willingness to pay enabling your sales teams to always provide the right price which can make the sale. If the sales person in the dealership knew what car I was looking for and what price I was willing to pay for the car, then he could’ve made the sale.

There is one good part about buying a car though…the test drive! For that moment it was just me, the car, and the road. I remember feeling the rumble of the engine, all 362HP as I pushed the pedal to the metal and took tight curves with precision and speed. Then the sale guy started talking again ruining the moment! Well you can get lost in your moment with the new trial experience available for PROS Smart CPQ. Get in the driver’s seat and test drive Smart CPQ today and see how PROS can accelerate your sales cycle and enable you to deliver sales automation and profits by personalizing the selling experience to each of your buyers! Experience the thrill of proactively receiving new leads uncovered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the ease of guided selling to accelerate through the twists and turns of a complex catalog, the rush of algorithmic cross sell increasing deal sizes, and the power of dynamic pricing science to tailor prices for each product for each customer – at that time!

This fully functioning experience is a no-risk way to experience how PROS Smart CPQ can enable your team to be the first to respond with an accurate, winning quote.

But don’t get lost, download your GPS [PROS Smart CPQ Customer Trial Experience] with step by step instructions to guide you successfully through this test drive! You can start your test drive from the Microsoft AppSource.

Ready, set… configure, price, quote!!!


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