Outperform Paris: The Power of Data Science to Drive Revenue and Profitability

February 22, 2016 Sean Cassidy

For many companies, meeting both top- and bottom-line growth targets has become a challenge. Tight competition, fluctuating market conditions, and increasingly savvy buyers are making most tried-and-true sales and go-to-market strategies quickly obsolete. The one weapon sellers have is the wealth of data they possess. In this new paradigm, putting this information to work through a powerful combination of data science and automation is what will separate the winners from the losers.

Next week, executives from some of Europe’s most successful companies will address these challenges head-on with thought-provoking keynotes and presentations at the PROS annual Outperform Europe event in Paris. Following on a highly successful Outperform Americas event this past January in Orlando and sharing a common theme of “Realizing Your Potential,” Outperform Paris will offer a full line-up of global business leaders and expert practitioners sharing their insights and best practices on how to leverage data to grow and thrive in uncertain economic conditions.

Presenting companies include AXA Assistance, Saint-Gobain, Toyota Material Handling Europe, BP, Merck Millipore, St1, Bunge, Accenture, and more.

Attendees will learn how these leading companies are using data science-driven CPQ and price optimization to launch innovative go-to-market strategies, power their digital transformations, and deliver prescriptive price and product recommendations to reduce sales friction, and power future revenue and profit growth.

To learn more, visit the Outperform Paris site or read the press release.

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