PPS Vegas 2019: 3 Things to Know Before You Go

Summer has officially come to an end and we are making our way into Fall, which means another great Professional Pricing Society (PPS) conference on the horizon. For pricing professionals who have yet to attend a PPS pricing conference, it’s one of the largest pricing conferences around the globe. At the M Hotel in Vegas this October 15th-18th, you can expect to find pricing professionals from all over the country engaging in three days of industry-focused learning, interactive sessions, and more. This year, PPS has lined up over 40 speakers and nearly 30 workshops and breakout sessions for the ultimate pricing event. 

After becoming a pricing manager, I found the PPS conference to be the best way for me to accomplish a number of things, including learning about dynamic pricing tools, that could positively impact my career, all in just a few days. With much success from the relationships I’ve built through PPS and the learnings I’ve applied to my organizations along the way, I compiled a quick list to share with you why the conference is so important for pricing professionals around the globe. 

What is it?

The North American PPS Conference in Vegas is one of three global conferences held by the organization annually. With full-day workshops taught by leading pricing professionals and access to AI pricing and tech sponsors like PROS, conference attendees benefit from the laser-focus on pricing challenges, new technology, and networking.  

Who should attend?

I was given my first opportunity in pricing before I truly understood its ins and outs. PPS became a place for me to quickly get up to speed on the science behind pricing while also getting the chance to meet the who’s who in the industry. Today, I still attend PPS because no matter what level I’m at as a pricing professional, there will always be new tools, new challenges, and new faces. So, whether you’re far along the pricing journey in your organization, or still not even sure what dynamic pricing tools can do for you, PPS is the conference for pricers at all stages. 

Why should you attend?

One of the best things about the PPS conference is that it’s a resource for you throughout your entire pricing career. Attendees return year after year because though some elements will remain constant, their challenges in pricing won’t. Whether you’re in a different part of your career, a different company, or even shifting from manufacturing to distribution or retail, the pricing journey looks so different. In my years of attending PPS, I’ve overheard discussions that range from how to approach data cleanliness, to organizational behavior, change management, and more. These are all topics that are important to the success of any implementation and impact pricers globally — no matter the level of expertise. Also, there are new vendors every year to help you learn about new technologies that are driving pricing and new ways to drive change in your business. 

An added benefit of attending PPS’s conference is the opportunity to become a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP). By participating in the scheduled workshops, attendees can not only interact with expert presenters, but also earn credits towards their certification. If you plan to attend the conference, I will be hosting one of the day-long workshops alongside PROS Chief AI Strategist, Dr. Michael Wu. 

Which brings me to a great closing topic – our workshop. Check out the abstract below to learn about our engaging and interactive day-long session on Tuesday, October 15. We hope to see you there!

Demystifying the Power and Application of Machine Learning and AI for Pricing:

Breaking Down the Truth of Data Science and How it Can be Applied for Improved Pricing

With buyer expectations ever-rising and digitalization continuing to drive increased price pressure, staying competitive requires leveraging innovative capabilities across all fronts of your organization – especially pricing. In this workshop, you’ll discover why applying artificial intelligence (AI) to pricing is more relevant than ever. Dr. Michael Wu will break down the hidden truth behind big data, data science, and what data scientists really do. Bill Dudziak will help participants to consider the areas within their pricing and sales processes with greatest potential to benefit from AI and provide perspectives on designing an effective segmentation model. Dr. Wu will end the day with inspiration for how your organization can enable effective and continuous improvement learning through the power of AI. 

This workshop is primarily for pricers working in business-to-business (B2B) industries, but the strategies and tactics discussed are of use to business-to-consumer (B2C) pricers as well. This workshop is best suited for those pricing practitioners with a beginner or moderate level or expertise

Learn more about Pricing Professional Society and register for the conference today.

About the Author

Bill Dudziak

William (Bill) Dudziak is a Lead Strategic Consultant for PROS where he supports clients to develop their vision and execution plan for pricing improvement. He has nearly two decades of pricing leadership across industries and Fortune 50 organizations like Whole Foods/Amazon, Home Depot, Georgia Pacific, and Blue Linx. With his renowned experience, Dudziak is the expert in building out Pricing Centers of Excellence and driving pricing transformation with artificial intelligence. He earned a MS in Civil Engineering and a BS in Economics at Carnegie Mellon University in addition to a MS in Management from Georgia Tech. Dudziak is also a frequent speaker on the topics of change management, data cleanliness, pricing strategy and analytics.

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