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October 18, 2018 Ben Blaney

Headed to the PPS Fall Conference in Dallas? Don’t miss the PROS workshop, “Establishing the Pillars of Your Price Organization.” What will you learn? Let’s start with what you won’t see. “That slide that shows you what a one percent price change translates to—you won’t see that at our workshop,” jokes Ben Blaney, Senior Strategic Consultant at PROS, who is one of the presenters of the workshop. “We have a really fresh perspective on what it takes to achieve optimum pricing and overcome challenges,” he adds.

According to Charles Sweeney, CPP, Director of Strategic Consulting at PROS, who is co-presenting the workshop with Ben, “We’ll be sharing our experiences and pricing framework for addressing problems and making more effective decisions,” he adds. “Instead of providing an answer that you can read in any book, we provide a framework that pricers can make very actionable when they go back to their organization,” he adds.

What problems will the PROS pricing framework help you solve?

First, helping pricing practitioners know where to focus. “We’ll be examining how you should plan a true pricing command center that has its proper influence within the organization, especially in your go-to-market strategy,” says Charles.

Second, bringing clarity to strategies. According to Charles, pricers will be better equipped to answer questions like: Which routes to market are effective? How should I coordinate them? Should they be in sync or out of sync? How do I make sure I’m managing this effectively? How do I understand what value my strategy is delivering to the organization? What use is a particular channel? When conflict arises how do I solve it as a pricer with the influence I have?

So, what’s the difference between a pricing command center and a pricing team?

“The command center is much broader,” says Charles. “It’s a source within an organization that establishes true go-to- market cadence,” he adds. “Execution in the field begins with this center, so not only do you need to understand the prices in the market but also the value of your distributors, eCommerce, and other channels,” he adds. “Some of these things are siloed in organizations, so we’ll discuss how to bring these activities together to bear on your organization, and how technology now makes it a reality. We’ll examine how to evolve your organization to this point.”

Ben adds, “The difference between a pricing command center and a pricing team is the difference between activities and outcomes. Teams do activities like list pricing setting, discount guidance and deal approvals, but the theme in our pricing workshop is all about outcome, such as direction,” he says. “A pricing command center, properly constructed and properly resourced with this philosophy behind it, can provide direction to all kinds of elements to the commercial arm of the company, which in most companies is more than half the headcount,” he says. “Enablement is another outcome. With a properly constructed command center, the organization is enabled to make better decisions,” he adds.

Headed to the PPS Fall Conference in Dallas?

Join our pricing workshop, “Establishing the Pillars of Your Price Organization,” on Wednesday, October 24—click here to register!

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Ben Blaney

Ben Blaney is a Senior Strategic Consultant at PROS, helping organizations select and deploy its cloud-based software. He previously served as director of Commercial Excellence for ESAB, a $2B division of Colfax Corporation, where he was responsible for strategy, execution and measurement of all aspects of commercial excellence. Blaney also led pricing strategy for a $2B division of GE; has served as a business consultant at Vendavo; and led pricing for a $1.5B business unit of ITT Corporation, where he worked for eight years in roles of increasing responsibility and seniority. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Exeter. Blaney holds the PRINCE2, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications.

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