PROS and SMC³ Partner to Accelerate RFP Response for Trucking Carriers

PROS is proud to partner with transportation technology leader SMC3 to deliver targeted solutions to accelerate responsiveness to RFPs and bids, create optimized offers, and further support customer relationships. SMC3‘s Bid$ense® and PROS Quoting tools help freight carriers review RFPs and bids for freight haulage, respond with pricing and discount details spanning thousands of origin and destination pairs, and deliver optimal prices within minutes rather than days or weeks.

To win business and protect margins, freight carriers are expected to deliver accurate quotes to their customers with fast turnaround. Responding to large RFP bids can be challenging and time-consuming when relying on spreadsheets and legacy platforms. To outperform competitors and deliver the customer experience buyers expect, carriers need to transform their sales process by integrating data-driven applications with analytics, automation, and prescriptive intelligence.

When carriers submit procurement responses through SMC3‘s Bid$ense, they receive a complete and accurate picture of a shipper’s freight and benefit from clean and detailed bid data, allowing them to pick freight that best fits their networks.

“Bid$ense gives shippers access to a truly unique bidding marketplace where hundreds of carriers can compete for billions of dollars of freight business,” said SMC3 Chief Commercial Officer Brian Thompson. “For our carrier partners, Bid$ense removes complexity from the bid process, allowing them to more easily grow their market share and margins. Our partnership with PROS will improve the overall health of the trucking industry to further enhance carrier/customer relationships with real-time, automated RFP response tools.”   

PROS Quoting solutions populate win-rate optimal prices for thousands of origin and destination pairs represented in bidder RFPs submitted through Bid$ense. In an industry where oftentimes the first acceptable price wins, PROS technology empowers trucking companies to be that first, best price.

Trucking carriers will have the power of the PROS Digital Commerce Platform to minimize response time to bids from customers and prospects. Our partnership with SMC3 is an exciting step in our mission to help transform the digital sales process for carriers, driving increased revenue while simultaneously strengthening customer loyalty. 

Learn more about how PROS is driving innovation to help T&L companies transform their end-to-end sales process to meet the demands of selling in the digital economy.  

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Zeke Ziliak

Zeke leads PROS' Transportation and Logistics industries, which include Air Cargo, Trucking, Rail, Ocean Freight, Intermodal, Third-Party Logistics, and Freight Forwarding industries.

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