PROS Explores Artificial Intelligence in Business at Upcoming Events

November 8, 2018 Valerie Howard

Starting this week, PROS will be participating in three conferences that underline how artificial intelligence in business can help numerous industries drive growth and increase customer satisfaction.

First, there is the 2018 IFMA’s Presidents Conference. The event, held in Phoenix, Arizona from Nov. 4-6, brings together foodservice leaders to explore some of the industry’s most pressing issues. PROS’ Chief AI Strategist, Michael Wu, Ph.D will lead a session titled, “How the Food Industry Can Realize the Full Potential of AI.” Wu will take a dive deep into artificial intelligence in business, and educate attendees in a practical way that enables them to understand what’s really possible for their own organizations.

Along with discussing how AI learns and gains intelligence, Wu will explain how to select the right AI technology to address specific business problems, and also review the importance of employee behavior change so AI can truly be leveraged and have its full potential realized.

Wu will also touch on numerous case studies about successful applications of artificial intelligence in business. Specifically, he will address the successes of food manufacturers that have leveraged AI for price optimization, offer optimization, and guided selling.

PROS will also sponsor the Innovation Lounge, where members can learn more about solutions for pricing and selling, including Smart CPQ, Control and Guidance.

Also starting on Nov. 4 in Phoenix is the INFORMS 2018 Annual Meeting, a three-day conference for Operations Research and Management Science professionals and academicians.    

Members of the PROS Science & Research team are set to take leading roles in several segments and presentations, including ones on utilizing AI for business to improve revenue management capabilities.

Ang Li, Ph.D. will lead a presentation on a paper that he co-authored with Stephanie Zipkin, Senior Scientist at PROS, on the topic of “Predicting Users' Forecast Influences via Machine Learning.” The duo are set to discuss how a medium-complexity decision tree model reliably predicts user influences with low error, and will explain how the RM system can be augmented with their model.

Additionally, Manu Chaudhary, PROS Senior Scientist, will lead “Reinforcement Learning for Revenue Management and Pricing,” which discusses two algorithms to automatically and dynamically generate optimal prices for non-negotiated settings.

Finally, PROS will also present at SIGMA’s 2018 Annual Conference. Taking place in San Francisco from Nov. 6-8, SIGMA brings together executives and thought leaders from across the fuel marketing sphere for in-depth education, networking and innovative business strategy reviews.

Wu and VP of Sales, Rohan Bairat, will lead a presentation on November 7 titled, “Big Data: The Modern Marketing Weapon,” which addresses how fuel marketers can overcome the inherent volatility of the industry and move beyond relying on gut feel to capture value from their data by using AI.

Attendees will learn how to focus on the barometers and signals that move their business and turn data into models to establish a continuous learning loop that produces results faster.

Whether you are in the airline industry, retail, food service, or work in operations research, there are bound to be sessions, presentations, or talks that can help you keep pace with evolving tech. Even if you can’t attend the events in person, stay tuned to the PROS website and social media channels to follow along and keep abreast of how AI and machine learning are transforming business.  

About the Author

Valerie Howard

Valerie Howard, Solution Strategy Director at PROS, manages the go-to-market strategy for the PROS pricing solution portfolio. As a former pricing leader and PROS user, she has firsthand experience in the transformative benefits and competitive advantages that can be realized through leveraging AI for pricing. Valerie earned an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering through a scholarship at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

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