Realize Your Potential

January 27, 2016 Sean Cassidy

Realize your potential. This is the theme of this year’s PROS Outperform conference, which opens today in Orlando. The recent gyrations in global stock and oil markets remind us of how volatile the global economy is and underscores the need for business to address both top-line and bottom-line growth. Data-driven pricing, revenue management, and CPQ and sales optimization are all helping industry-leading companies thrive in spite of these market challenges.

If there is a consistent undercurrent across Outperform Orlando sessions, it is overcoming volatility. From airlines like LATAM, which uses revenue management to help address currency and political volatility, to resources companies like Sunoco, which leverages data science-driven pricing to improve margins, to technology companies like HPE, which has to contend with a strong dollar in overseas markets, and finally to food, where dairy collective Fonterra uses supply-aware pricing to decide what to make and how to price amidst constant supply and demand fluctuations, organizations are faced with this environment. Realizing your full revenue and profitability potential becomes even more important.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, Outperform 2016 will feature industry leaders from Walt Disney Co., DePuy Synthes, Salesforce, Qantas, Emirates, Accenture, McCain, Iron Mountain, Aberdeen Research, Gartner, and more.

Learn more about Outperform Orlando.

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