The 2019 Conference for Pricing Leaders

February 18, 2019 PROS, Inc.

Pricing Analysts, Managers, Directors and Executives: The Outperform Conference is Your Ticket to Elevating Your Pricing Game

Outperform is a three-day conference packed with hands-on workshops, presentations, user sessions and networking opportunities with some of the most cutting-edge, forward-thinking pricing professionals in the world.

It’s a chance for you to elevate your game, your career and your expertise through thought-provoking topics, covered by pricing experts from companies like HP, AVIS, Southwest Cargo and more.

Connect with your peers and tackle industry-wide challenges with us in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 21-23.

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Here are some of the workshops, presentations and user sessions created specifically for Pricing professionals ...

Workshops: Arrive early to jump-start your learning.

Establishing the Pillars of Your Price Organization
In this training session, our experts will help you move beyond traditional pricing approaches that can lead to value loss. You’ll learn how you can unleash AI-powered pricing strategies in your organization and how to implement multichannel pricing strategies in order to maximize revenue.

Breakout Sessions: Sessions focused on your biggest challenges and opportunities, with practical takeaways for your business. Choose from a variety of compelling topics like these ...

The State of Pricing
You’ve heard it before: Disrupt yourself before someone else does. What got you here today won’t get you where you want to go tomorrow. In fact, with more and more buyers shifting to digital channels, existing sales and pricing processes may be hurting your ability to compete against more modern organizations that don’t have the same overhead and baggage. The answer isn’t to forget everything you’ve learned; instead, it’s time to systematically augment everything you’ve learned so that you can amplify the value delivered across your channels and continue to extend your lead on the competition. Join our panel to hear from leaders at Deloitte Consulting, Simon-Kucher and Partners, and PROS about their perspectives on “the State of Pricing” today and what pricing teams need for tomorrow.

Designing an Effective Price Segmentation Model
You know that one price fits all is about as good as one size fits all, but calling on a “price exception process” for every price request won’t work for you either. If you’re ready to enable your teams to work smarter by leveraging pricing-focused segmentation, join this session for key tips on designing a model that will help you to provide market rational pricing that makes sense for your business and your go-to-market strategy.

Establishing Best-Practice Pricing Habits
"Buckle up, we’re taking you on a pricing transformation journey. First things first, you need to put on your pilot’s hat and decide where you want that journey to take you and then convince your teammates to get on board and stay onboard. Competing priorities can make it difficult to get everyone down the gangway, but when we’re constantly asked to deliver more with less, we need to be continually transforming. Don’t let these headwinds slow you down, join Esterlyn Coleman to learn how you can develop a vision that motivates a cross-functional team and drive meaningful, incremental changes in organizational behavior.

Enabling a Dynamic Pricing Strategy for eCommerce
In the digital era, increased price transparency and the heightened negotiation power of customers often lead to the panicked price plunges that erode profitability. In this session, we will evaluate the benefits of leveraging dynamic pricing and discuss how to overcome common challenges on the journey to enabling it for eCommerce.

Applying AI to Pricing to Achieve Growth
HP, Inc.’s focus on innovation is a value that has delivered exceptional innovative products but also extends across the organization to how HP aims to improve and reposition it’s pricing analytic capability in the sales function. In this session, Sales Operations Director Deepak Bhootra will share how HP has learned from mistakes and applied corrections to improve in how they use analytic capabilities to improve margins and turn-around-time for pricing to partners and customers. Deepak will share tactical advice for teams on the journey to pricing transformation.

User Tracks: Existing customers who use PROS solutions as a part of their day-to-day functions have the opportunity to participate in user-based training sessions. Hear from presenters and panels on role-specific topics designed to help you get the most out of our solutions.

Driving Adoption of Price Guidance
If you feel your sales team is not confident in your guidance recommendations, there are some proven ways to instill this confidence.

Using Pricing Methods to Drive Pricing Strategy
Become familiar with all of the most popular functions available in a pricing method, and see how they can be used in combination with Lookups to benefit real-world pricing situations.

Find Your Profit Leaks
Use powerful analytical workflows to understand where profit opportunities lie waiting in your data.

Estimating the Value Captured
Sizing the business value captured from your pricing and commercial improvement efforts is key to securing executive support and needed resources.  Learn best practices on how to estimate the business value captured.

Managing a Large Volume of Price Changes and Maintaining Rationality
Use Control to make broad price changes with the comfort that the prices will remain rational without having to inspect every one of them.

Need more reasons to attend?

Join our general sessions for inspiring keynotes on the skills and mindset it takes to elevate your thinking and outperform your competition. This year, speakers include Daniel H. Pink, Best-selling Author and Expert on Innovation, Competition, and the Changing World of Work, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Three-time Gold Medal Olympian and Winningest Female Beach Volleyball Player in History, and AI whisperer, Michael Wu, PhD Chief AI Strategist, PROS.

Industry-Focused Sessions and Panels
Join one of these intimate group discussions for compelling and insightful dialogue around the hottest trends and challenges facing the top companies in your industry.

  • Chemicals
  • Distribution
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Logistics

Unique Networking Experiences With newly expanded breaks for meetups and an appointment scheduling tool to get the right people on your calendar, we’re redefining the networking experience by helping you make the best connections yet.

Las Vegas! Did we mention Outperform will be held at the Aria? Located on the Las Vegas strip, this perfect location gives you access to world-class entertainment, restaurants and nightlife.

Evening Gala and Entertainment You won’t want to miss our evening event on Wednesday. Outperform will be taking over the JEWEL Nightclub at the ARIA. Spanning more than 24,000 square feet of exquisitely designed space, attendees will have exclusive access to one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. In addition to networking, cocktails and dinner, guests will enjoy an evening of entertainment.


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