Eye Health Products Company Sharpens Quoting Process

The world’s largest supplier of eye health products, including contact lenses and pharmaceuticals, has simplified the quote-to-contract process to reduce turnaround time from days to hours.


A difficult, time-consuming quoting process made up of multiple fragmented systems and a manual approval process contributed to slow contract turnaround time and inconsistent pricing proposals. Sales reps were hampered by bottlenecks from waiting for approvals. The big question: How do we automate the process to get winning quotes out the door and into the hands of prospects more quickly?


The company chose the PROS CPQ solution to replace its manual tools with a centralized deal management platform. This solution features intelligent analytics to monitor and measure quote performance and opportunities, all while integrated with the company’s Salesforce CRM.


A streamlined quote-to-contract process has reduced turnaround time from days to less than 24 hours. Sales reps can quickly configure products with the right pricing and then create quotes and proposals with ease. Automated approvals speed up the process and improve the overall customer experience. With the PROS CPQ solution, the company has improved pricing, contract administration, and compliance to take control of the quoting process.

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