Therapeutic Medical Device Company Alleviates Lethargic Sales

One of the world's largest medical technology firms produces a range of products that treats 70 health conditions. To optimize its business, this company sought to eliminate manual quote creation and approvals while gaining the ability to quote across its various business lines.

Self guided quote creation callout


  • Multiple quoting processes/tools across the business lines
  • Labor-intensive quoting and ordering activities
  • Limited or nonexistent upsell and cross-sell capabilities
  • Highly complex pricing and promotion processes and lack of forecasting accuracy


  • Unified solution to easily handle renewals and upgrade scenarios
  • Automatic service contract and opportunity creation
  • Salesforce CRM integration


  • Intuitive interface for sales reps
  • Automated pricing processes​
  • Simplified field rep training
  • Self-guided quote creation
  • Billing schedule generation
  • Easier administration without coding required

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