Consulting Firm Disciplines Deal Process to Improve Profitability Worldwide

A global management consulting company had thousands of professionals involved in tens of thousands of pricing deals, with much of the key pricing data stored on individual computers. Without central storage for important deal information, the firm’s employees had no visibility into underperforming clients, resource types or business segments.


Cost-plus pricing, along with a lack of enterprise-wide insight into fluctuating market demands, meant the firm was missing opportunities to increase margin. To improve profitability, the firm needed a comprehensive pricing strategy that would provide centralized information and guidance on deal pricing throughout its operations.


The consulting firm selected PROS pricing solutions to centralize all relevant data into one easily accessible, high-performance online system. PROS configured reports to provide a vital feedback loop, enabling the firm to identify and act on opportunities for price improvement.

In addition, executives could analyze trends and monitor compliance with the firm’s best practices.

PROS solutions presented an array of other advantages, including:

  • Provided sales executives with the tools to quote profitable deals quickly
  • Enabled sales teams to automatically apply real-time price adjustments based on resources used, such as position, skill level and geographic location
  • Delivered a scalable architecture that could handle thousands of users 


The PROS solution empowered each deal team to collaborate online with the assurance of timely information access. PROS time interval functionality enabled teams to model deals and provided a monthly view of resource utilization and cash flow – information that is vital to ensuring efficiency and profitability over long-term engagements. In addition, access to all deal metrics empowered users to accurately price deals at every stage of the process from deal creation to negotiation of payment terms and internal approval.

The firm utilized PROS external reporting integration to configure highly customizable deal reports for management to approve deals. Furthermore, user-friendly customization made the company self-sufficient in updating workflow business changes or best practices and also reduced the total cost of ownership by not requiring programmers to make changes.


The company rolled out the PROS solution globally as user adoption sharply rose. Deal teams now collaborate in real time using up-to-date pricing and resource information. They can quickly respond to changing demand for specific skills with targeted price adjustments. The firm has increased revenue for hundreds of deals and increased deal win rates.

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