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The COVID-19 Effect on the Food Industry: Accelerating the Move to Digital

COVID-19’s Impact on the Food Industry  

COVID-19 has rewritten the rules in the food industry. However, some things are becoming clear:  

  1. The food industry is incredibly robust. Regardless of what situation comes its way, people still need to eat. 
  2. The decisions people make on what to eat, from whom to buy, and through what channels, will continue to change. 
  3. With economic stimulus efforts, inflation will come, and there will be a new normal. 

What is the Right Answer? 

When uncertainty is the only certainty, how should food companies respond? How can you be proactive in midst of continual change? Where should your initiatives be focused?  

Well, it depends on where you are in terms of business impact:  

In the short-term, survival phase, the right answer is to make well-informed decisions with a focus on responding in the right way to the effects on your market.   

In the mid-term, realignment phase, your sales teams must be equipped with insight and tools to respond immediately and accurately to customer requests.  

In the long-term optimization phase, you must ensure that all customer interactions are part of a digital engagement that enables your business to learn and adapt to buyer preferences and market shifts ahead of your competition.  

For more information, we invite you to read this eBook.  

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