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Airtime: Power a Modern Commerce Experience with PROS Shopping and Merchandising

Airtime Webinar with Linda Havens and Steve Bondi. We cover different ways to power your airline modern commerce strategy through Shopping, Merchandising, and Offer Optimization.

About the Speakers


 Linda Havens currently directs the product management group at PROS and is responsible for various products in the Travel industry, including Group Sales Optimizer and the Shopping and Merchandising portfolio. Since joining the company in 1994, Linda has applied her talents to several roles across PROS airline, hotel, and cruise revenue management solutions. Before joining PROS, Ms. Havens spent five years at Lufthansa German Airlines working in the Revenue Management Department as a network and system administrator. In that role she was responsible for the successful operation of Lufthansa’s PROS systems.




Steve Bondi is a pioneer in the revenue management industry, and happens to be one of the first PROS employees. He has vast experience in airline solutions across the world and currently works in Travel Product Management on the new frontier of Offer Optimization.

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