Are You Ready to Compete on Customer Experience?

Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride! If you were at Outperform in Chicago today, you got a glimpse into the future that’s happening right now for companies with the vision to deliver a modern commerce experience to customers – frictionless, personalized and omnichannel. Even if you’re not sure yet what modern commerce means for you and your business, one thing is clear: success in the future is going to require you to think of your business in new ways – no matter what your market.

Maybe you work for an airline – what would it mean to your business if you were able to predict the impact of a wildfire or an upcoming World Cup match on flights to a certain location? Or, say you’re in another line of work – how can you take the same ideas and technology the airline is using to read signals from social data important to your customers? Could you drive better predictions on demand and get better pricing and revenue management optimization for business?

Or, maybe you’re a medical device manufacturer with six products in your portfolio. If most customers buy four, what can you do about a similar customer that is only buying two? Who are they buying from if it isn’t you and how can you turn it into an opportunity to sell more into the account? Even if you aren’t in healthcare, can you use these same principles to identify and reach out to your customers that should be buying more and drive more value for them?

At Outperform, we may come from around the world and from dozens of different industries to talk about driving more revenue and profit in our respective tracks, but the reality is that we’re not as different as it may seem at first glance. On the other side of every transaction is a person, and people buying from you buy from lots of other B2B companies in addition to personal purchases. So the experience you deliver matters. The best experience your customers have will define what they expect in a buying experience moving forward. You have to think customers – not sales – first. And how are you powering that customer experience in a modern commerce world? Do you have what you need?

That’s what Outperform 2017 is about – learning how to take technology to redefine commerce – to replace anonymous transactions with personalized solutions that best fit each customer’s needs. Using big data, machine learning and sophisticated analysis –you can deliver what customers need with pinpoint accuracy, when and where they want to buy.

Outperform keynotes talking about the future got us fired up about modern commerce and ready for an afternoon all about diving in and getting practical advice and real-world learnings from customers and experts who’ve been there.

The highlights?

Dynamic Pricing: Transforming the Cargo Business with Dynamic Pricing Science Matt Medintz, Assistant Vice President, Market Analysis and Planning, Hub Group

Re-imagining the Sales Experience with Modern Commerce Natalie Mancosky, Global CRM Excellence Leader, Honeywell

Transforming the Channel Partner Experience with Dynamic Pricing Science Alex Stoll, Vice President & Head of Global Sales Operations, Hewlett Packard, Inc.

And, special for airline professionals:

NDC and One Order Sebastien Touraine, Head, ONE Order Program, IATA

The Future of Airline Commerce is Now: PROS Travel Strategy Update Surain Adyanthaya, Senior Vice President of Strategy, PROS

What’s on tap for Tomorrow?

The Role of CLM in Modern Commerce Andres Reiner, President and CEO, PROS and Samir Bodas, Co-founder and CEO, Icertis

The Future of Digital Personalization Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

Plus, more than 20 track sessions to explore a variety of hot industry topics and success stories.

About the Author

Craig Zawada

Craig is responsible for creating the vision for how PROS uses data and technology to help companies drive their business strategy. A widely published author, Zawada is perhaps best well known for co-authoring The Price Advantage, which has been recognized as one of the most pragmatic books available on pricing strategy. Prior to joining PROS, he was a partner and leader in the Marketing and Sales Practice at McKinsey & Company.

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