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Dynamic Pricing: Mitigating Channel Conflict to Maximize Tech Industry Profit

Pricing in the tech industry requires discipline. PROS helps solve price inconsistency to max profits and grow channel share across multiple partners.

Tech manufacturers rely on partners to expand their reach and grow their business. But, too often, a number of factors get in the way of growth and profitability:

  • Information that’s a struggle to get or that takes too long to gather.
  • Opacity into contracted rates and terms.
  • Lack of integrated price strategy and governance.

Your intentions to grow through the channel fall flat when they lead to channel conflict and price erosion that shift significant share from higher margin channels to lower margin partners. Learn how to get the growth you need. This eBook provides valuable insight into why tech manufacturers need a modern commerce approach to selling with dynamic pricing science. Download to learn:

  • Behavioral trends driving the need for a modern commerce approach to buying and selling in the tech industry.
  • How Dynamic Pricing Science works and why it is the cornerstone of modern commerce and key to a successful channel strategy.
  • How to reduce customer dissatisfaction, grey market risk and contract compliance issues.
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Êtes-vous Prêt Pour le Futur du Commerce Digital?

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