PROS & Microsoft: Partnering to Speed Up Digital Selling

Empowering B2B Companies in Their Sales Digitalization Journey

In this interview, Microsoft and PROS reflect on how their partnership enables companies across all industries to leverage cutting-edge, AI-based technologies to deliver a frictionless buying experience to their customers. They also address the substantial value of dynamic pricing and an omnichannel eCommerce strategy in today’s fluctuating world.

Meet the speakers:


[01:13]: Kishore explains how the PROS Platform enables companies to harmonize their selling processes by embedding AI-powered dynamic pricing into their CRM and eCommerce instances.
[02:29]: Ramy outlines the value of Microsoft and PROS’ partnership for B2B companies in the Middle-East region and globally.
[04:42]: Kishore describes the current business challenges of companies in industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Consumer Goods, and how to address them.
[06:35]: Ramy describes how the pandemic has accelerated digital sales in Retail and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) markets, and shares his advice for companies looking to transform their business by making informed pricing decisions and providing omnichannel experiences to their customers.

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