Selecting a Solution Partner: An IT Perspective

There’s no question that choosing a solution partner is challenging. Most organizations establish stringent guidelines with the goal of ensuring they have the right solutions – and the right partner – for their projects. Choosing the right solution partner can often mean the difference between a project’s success or failure.

There are myriad risk factors in play: demanding business requirements, the number of solution providers, a complex IT landscape (for example, mobile support, cloud vs. on-premise), implementation methodologies such as waterfall or agile, and even team personalities and dynamics.

This critical decision often comes down to “gut-feeling”; there is simply not enough time in sales to thoroughly understand and explore the business requirements, workshop and design solutions, and construct prototypes. Business users may also not fully understand the requirements or complexities of existing systems. Vendors also face challenges as they match the capabilities of their products with customer requirements.

PROS understands the complexities and the challenges of making these selections. We have completed more than 1,000 implementations and helped customers navigate the path to success. It’s why we’ve won awards from customers for our work and why we consistently earn their trust.

This eBook will look at the process from an IT perspective and provide suggestions to help you ask the right questions internally before a vendor is brought in. We’ll also provide a potential list of warning signs to help you in making this important decision. 

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