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The Future of AI in Distribution: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Implications for Distributors

Traditionally, distribution has not been on the leading edge of technology application — at least compared with some other industries. Most distributors only offer their customers basic internet ordering, and many don’t even have that.

It’s important that distribution leaders fully understand how Amazon and other technology-driven retailers are leveraging advanced technology to build new competitive capabilities — and the vast resources they can bring to any market where they choose to compete.

Much has been written about Amazon’s technology prowess, but it’s hard to find a resource that explains the basis of these capabilities and how the company will likely apply them in business-to-business distribution.

This white paper defines these technologies and how leading companies are using them so that executives understand both the promises of AI and the threat posed by competitors who use it well. The analysis covers a wide range of technology topics and starts by defining and explaining AI terms that might be new to you.

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