Why Real-Time Intelligence is No Longer Optional

Revenue management in the new normal is challenging. Global volatility of routes, little to derive from historical data, and existing recommendations taking time to adapt has made decision making in the new normal difficult. Commercial teams need to revisit age-old processes to become more nimble and agile in order to drive revenue. Shweta Vashishth, VP-Global Travel Solutions, RateGain will help you understand what commercial teams should expect from their competitor intelligence systems and how they can move from uncertain pricing to unlimited intelligence.

About the Speaker

Shweta Vashishth is a Revenue Management Implementation and Improvement Specialist. Vashishth works very closely with Revenue Directors, Revenue Managers, Commercials Heads, General Managers, VP Sales & Marketing to help them realize the value and ROI from RateGain solutions. Vashishth’s expertise spans from sales and marketing activities, to developing solutions, process improvements, providing revenue management decision support, business development, and distribution systems strategy.

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