Winc Australia Smooths Sales Process with Pricing Data

The key ingredient to any successful pricing team is a strong partnership with Sales. In this panel session, cross-industry pricing leaders will share their challenges and experiences in working with sales teams to drive improved pricing outcomes. We’ll hear what it took to win influence with Sales, how they help Sales to win more effectively and efficiently, and how they collaborate at scale through the use of technology and AI.

About the Speaker

A goal-oriented Pricing and Commercial leader, Steven Tselepi is the Head of Commercial Pricing at Winc Australia. Steven has extensive Profit and Revenue Management experience in the highly transformational Private Equity space. He has a consistent track record of success in change management and the rollout of large-scale Pricing solutions to drive improved commercial outcomes. With a passion for people, Steven invests in mentoring and developing commercial teams to ensure they thrive in today’s hyper-dynamic environment. Steven is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Wollongong.

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