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How AI Will Transform Sales

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How AI Will Transform Sales The Present And Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Sales by John Bruno December 18, 2017 For ApplicAtion Development & Delivery proFessionAls FOrreSTer.cOm Key takeaways Improvements In AI Usher In Sales 2.0 From predictive forecasting to white space analysis, Ai has been promising to improve sales organizations for years. With new levels of sophistication and processing power, Ai begins to pervade all aspects of sales. Proliferation Of AI Tools makes Pragmatic AI even more Necessary With so many tools and capabilities available today, the inevitable question looms: "When will sellers be completely replaced?" We're a long way from that future, and in the interim, pragmatic Ai — where intelligent systems augment human sellers — plays a crucial role in advancing B2B selling. AI empowerment requires education, Preparation, And experimentation AD&D leaders need to accelerate their education on Ai technologies as the roles of intelligence and insights become part of nearly every technology investment decision. maximizing value in future investments requires considerable data auditing, cleansing, and augmenting — all before piloting different Ai experiments. Why read this report Artificial intelligence (Ai) innovations in sales are happening at an unprecedented pace. instead of supplanting traditional sellers, Ai will augment how they work and engage with their buyers, from automating tasks to providing time- and context-sensitive recommendations. the speed of innovation makes it difficult to deliver new capabilities in a way that allows sellers to digest these changes. this report outlines how Ai is disrupting sales so that application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders can use it to improve the value that sellers deliver to their customers.

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