Infographic: A Manufacturer's Reality - What Buyers Really Think About Quoting, Pricing & The Customer Experience

Don’t Let Digital Players Eat Into Your Business

We recently interviewed a large selection of manufacturing buyers with some startling results. They are constantly frustrated with the disconnect between expectation and reality when dealing with suppliers. Leading frustrations include:

  • Not delivering on-time
  • Slow and in-accurate quote turn-around
  • Unfair pricing
  • Products not available

Respondents recognize that failure to deliver fair and consistent pricing and quick and accurate quote turnaround time impact customer satisfaction and win rates. They still do not consider those problems to be related to the overall quality of their customer experience. Post-transactional activities such as service and support are still considered the lynchpins of their customer experience, not the transactional sales process. This disconnect exposes manufacturers to revenue and customer loyalty risk as more and more B2B buyers bring B2C (or consumer sales expectations) into the purchasing process. In modern commerce, customer experience should start at the point of transaction and not after.

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Infographic: 4 Mistakes that Lose Customers

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