Learn How Enhancements to Opportunity Detection Can Help You Sell Smarter in 2019

Hello 2019! In the spirit of reflection, here’s a look back at some of the great features that were added to Opportunity Detection last year, plus a preview of what’s launching in early 2019 to help your team sell bigger, better and smarter.

2018 Enhancements

Better Workflows

We’re constantly enhancing Opportunity Detection to make it easier to use. Two updates last year that improved workflows include:

  • Summary Page: This new feature (supported in both Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Salesforce) allows sales reps to see all their recommendations for the accounts they manage in a single view. Some customers have reported that 30% of their reps have adopted the Summary Page as the main screen for interacting with their CRM.
  • Filtering: New sort/filter options enable you to arrange opportunities by account, total opportunities, product categories and pattern type, making it easier to view your recommendations at a glance.

New Channels and Delivery Methods

Don’t use a CRM? No problem. You can still leverage the enormous benefits of our sales opportunity software to uncover sales growth. Here’s how:

  • Excel: Sales recommendations can be delivered directly to an Excel spreadsheet. Currently, 40% of Opportunity Detection customers take advantage of this method of delivery—and with success. In fact, one customer generated $400K in revenue in the first month!
  • APIs: Opportunity Detection can also be extended to any sales tool your company uses via our APIs. Customers have leveraged our APIs to extend Opportunity Detection to SAP, other ERPs and CRMs, and propriety sales applications.
  • eCommerce: Our intelligent AI platform can be seamlessly extended to your eCommerce channel to provide product recommendations to all your eCommerce customers, helping you grow your average order value.

2019 Coming Soon 

Improved Global Support

  • Multi-currency support: Your company transacts in a global digital economy, so we want you to be able to understand the value of opportunity recommendations wherever you do business. With this feature, sales reps will be able to choose the desired currency for displaying opportunities.

AI Innovations

  • Improved seasonality patterns: We’ve enhanced our science so that seasonal and sparse purchase behavior detection is even smarter! Now recommendations impacted by seasonality are surfaced at the right time (i.e. in season), so your team can take appropriate action.  

Drive Increased Revenue This Year

Opportunity Detection is the AI-driven sales growth software solution that helps you find sales growth hidden in your customers. Contact us today to find out more.   Contact us today to find out more.  

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