Top-5 For-Hire Carrier Returns to Profitability

This top-five U.S. for-hire carrier has provided less-than-truckload freight services across

North America since 1924.


In the cutthroat world of LTL trucking, this transportation service provider needed pricing tools to return its business to profitability.

In a business notorious for competitive price pressure and rampant discounting, the absence of a science-based pricing strategy led to inconsistent, reactive pricing practices. This, combined with an inability to understand profitability without time-consuming analysis, allowed a large set of opportunistic customers to cause substantial revenue leakage for this service provider. Price pressure and thin operating margins translated to rapidly deteriorating financial performance.


Every engagement is unique and deserving of targeted, data-driven guidance.

Pricing decisions can be nuanced when certain customers have access to more highly discounted pricing due to their purchase volumes or highly competitive markets. PROS helped the freight carrier sift through these special cases and recognize that although every case is deserving of targeted segmentation price guidance, not all require deeply discount prices. With scientifically generated segmentation, the carrier can now run analysis on comparable customers to identify those that are underperforming and require targeted price improvements. Further utilizing this segmentation, data-driven price guidance based on customer and transaction attributes is provided at the time of quote for every inquiry. 


With tools for monitoring sales effectiveness, measured return is the real reward.

PROS price optimization software enables the freight carrier to monitor its pricing  team’s adherence to price guidance. It can then provide performance feedback instantaneously and offer incentives for proactively identifying price improvement opportunities. Applying optimal pricing to underperforming accounts stops revenue leakage in its tracks and immediately uplifts margins without any impact on operational processes. Finally, consistent pricing practices continuously foster renewed customer confidence and satisfaction as well.

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