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Maintaining the Status Quo in Today’s Landscape Could be the Death Knell for Building Product Distributors

Maintaining the status quo in today’s landscape could be the death knell for building product distributors.

The market is highly fragmented with consumer confidence and seasonality still having a huge impact on revenue. Increasing cost of sales, new competitors, new sales channels and low switching costs are impacting what are already razor thin margins for distributors. Despite these challenges, most businesses continue to plan for higher revenue growth, as much as 5% to 10%.
In this environment, building product distributors are faced with an unescapable reality: traditional, low-tech, relationship-based sales processes must embrace digital innovation to survive and thrive.
  • Stop selling on price, start selling a solution
  • Sell product value and expertise
  • Let data drive price optimization strategies
  • Leverage sales and pricing technology to lower the cost of sales
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