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The Definitive Guide for Better Pricing

Give your business a competitive boost by optimizing your pricing strategy. By focusing on four key areas, you can make sure that your sales team is selling on value and not depending on discounting to close deals.

In this informative eBook, you’ll learn how to:

Identify opportunities for new customer acquisition

  • Segment your accounts, so you’re focusing on the best opportunities for improvement
  • Use technology instead of adding more reps or hiring expensive trainers to boost your sales numbers
  • Improve visibility into pricing and discounting so you know where to focus your efforts
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The New Benchmarks for Pricing Excellence
The New Benchmarks for Pricing Excellence

Companies with advanced pricing capabilities are loathe to talk publicly for fear of losing the competitive...

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4 Steps To Stop Out-Of-Control Discounting
4 Steps To Stop Out-Of-Control Discounting