PROS Smart CPQ Product Guide

Accelerate Sales Responsiveness with PROS Smart CPQ

PROS Smart CPQ automates the configure, price, and quote process — enabling sales teams to create, manage, and deliver fast, error-free quotes and sales agreements. PROS Smart CPQ eliminates delays and errors that can occur from manual quote workflows, while also generating AI-based insights that enable sales to provide personalized product and pricing recommendations. With PROS Smart CPQ, you can boost sales productivity and accelerate your sales cycles from days, even weeks, to minutes.   

Organizations who streamline their quote-to-cash process with sales technology like PROS Smart CPQ can realize:

  • Shorter sales cycles by up to 27%
  • Elimination of quoting errors
  • Increased sales productivity by up to 49%
  • 2-4% incremental revenue
  • 2% margin improvement
  • Increased discount discipline 
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