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The Forrester Wave™: Configure-Price-Quote Solutions, Q1 2017

The B2B market is changing and many companies are looking to integrate CPQ technology to remove friction from their selling process caused by slow quoting practices, impersonal offers, inconsistent products, and stale spreadsheet prices. The Forrester Wave™ report highlights the benefits of CPQ and also evaluates 11 CPQ vendors to provide insights on how they measure according to 36 evaluation criteria. 

In this report you’ll learn:

  • PROS Smart CPQ is rated a “Strong Performer”
  • “PROS excels at leveraging first- and third-party data to provide intelligent recommendations to sellers, and its customers cite seeing a few percentage points improvement in margin directly as a result.”
  • “PROS uses pricing science to put the ‘P’ in CPQ…”
  • “PROS is uniquely positioned to lead the market in analytics-driven recommendation”
  • PROS achieves the highest score across all companies in the Reference Customer Assessment. “Customers universally speak highly of the vendor’s commitment to customer success, citing that they feel like they signed up for a strategic partnership rather than a software license.”
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