Opportunity Detection Solution Guide

PROS Opportunity Detection is designed to find the hidden sales growth potential in your customers by analyzing your own transaction activity to uncover customer-buying behavior and identify new sales opportunities. 

PROS Opportunity Detection delivers sales opportunities directly to reps on the front lines through their existing system and replaces the sales reps’ gut instincts with data-driven insights. Sales reps can consider their experience alongside the software’s recommendations to determine which opportunities make sense to pursue. Opportunity Detection helps companies simply and effectively realize the potential of existing accounts by tracking:

  1. Inconsistent purchasing behavior alerts the sales team to look for opportunities to build the relationship.
  2. Declining purchasing behavior identifies when a customer is purchasing less over time and provides the sales team with early notice of potential customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Gaps in purchasing behavior identifies products your customers' peers are buying, but your customer aren't. The sales team can instantly bring relevant new product recommendations to the customer.

Armed with Opportunity Detection, your sales team can quickly determine how they should invest their time to build relationships, prevent churn and expand share-of-wallet through additional product lines.

Download the solution guide to learn how to empower your salespeople and find opportunities in existing accounts.

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