Trends That Are Driving Change in Cargo and Logistics

Modern commerce may have seemed like the latest buzzword when I first heard the term a year or so ago, but it aptly describes the trends we’ve been seeing for a while now in the transportation and logistics industry and what I’ve been hearing industry experts and customers describe over and over again at virtually every cargo and logistics event I attend.

While some trends come and go like the latest fad, there are a few that signal shifts in the industry and will stand the test of time. It’s time for cargo and logistics companies to take note of three of these and start taking action.

  1. Customer experience matters. Dazzled with the B2C capabilities they read about and experience in their personal lives, buyer expectations are changing, rapidly. Personalized, omnichannel, fast and frictionless experiences are becoming requirements to do business, and many traditional providers will be passed by if they don’t deliver.
  2. Disruptors are changing the game. More pressure is added to the mix with the entrance of new disruptors like Uber and Amazon that threaten with new business models and the latest technology to support them.
  3. The workforce is changing and a new breed of buyer is emerging. Millennials are now becoming purchasers and they are accustomed to beginning – and completing – almost any kind of transaction you can imagine online, in real time, anytime. They don’t have time or patience to wait around for quotes or your website to load. If your ecommerce experience is lacking, they’ll move on, fast.

The good news is, there’s tremendous opportunity if you begin to think of your business in new ways, and modernize your technology to support the experience you want your customers to have. Real-time dynamic pricing science is at the heart of delivering a modern commerce experience, and with it, you’ll be able to power an experience that customers want and that can stand up to the toughest competition.

Recently, PROS Strategic Consultant Andy Lastowka and I hosted a webinar session where we dove deeper into these trends and how PROS is enabling industry leaders to leverage them, using dynamic pricing science to win deals that keep their drivers on the road and their planes in the sky full with profitable loads. To learn more, you can listen to the FreightBreak webinar on demand, or check out our tip sheet, Three Cargo Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

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Zeke Ziliak

Zeke leads PROS' Transportation and Logistics industries, which include Air Cargo, Trucking, Rail, Ocean Freight, Intermodal, Third-Party Logistics, and Freight Forwarding industries.

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