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Navigating Operator Buyer Expectations

Foodservice Manufacturers Must Evolve
Today’s foodservice manufacturers are dealing with disruptors that affect the buying process. Over the last few years, eCommerce, artificial intelligence, and third-party vendor trends have influenced how foodservice operators buy. 

Technomic’s research shares the changing expectations of foodservice operators. Download the white paper, Technomic ESSENTIALS: Navigating Operator Buyer Expectations.

Here are the key areas covered in the report:

1. Meeting the changing expectations of operator customers.
2. Leveraging the most common channels for eCommerce in the Food Industry today.
3. Serving customers on an individualized basis.
4. Understanding the outlook to 2020 and beyond.

Expectations for trading partners and suppliers are growing and expanding, so it’s critical for food industry players to embrace the digital era. Buyer expectations must be met, or they will take their business to the competition.

Don’t get left behind – stay ahead of the curve. Get your copy of Technomic ESSENTIALS: Navigating Operator Buyer Expectations today!

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