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Offer Optimization and Maximizing NDC

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high, with companies everywhere providing that Amazon experience: click, compare, buy, done. Travelers today are popping on your website, comparing your fares with your competitors, and making purchases from the convenience of their smartphones. But there’s a catch (or should we say “cache”): the current distribution system isn’t keeping up with the way travelers are buying. And that’s causing some big headaches for you and your customers:

  • A generic comparison of airfares does not provide an accurate picture to consumers.
  • A long list of itineraries frustrates shoppers.
  • Cached availability of airfares does not support dynamic strategies.
  • The limited number of pre-filed price points with ATPCO results in lost demand and suboptimal revenue management recommendations.
  • Offers built generically by distribution providers do not consider the customer’s unique value to the airline.

In this white paper we spell out the NDC initiative and what it is striving to accomplish, as well as how offer optimization from PROS aims to solve many of the problems to keep both consumers and airlines flying high.

Download the white paper: “Offer Optimization and Maximizing NDC”

About the Author

Steve Bondi joined PROS in 1987 and has been a key product architect for all PROS airline products. He has worked with a vast group of customers with different business environments during the course of the solution development, addressing their diverse business needs with a single product of flexible configuration. Currently, he heads the Strategic Innovation area, ensuring and coordinating innovation for PROS’ established products in Sales Effectiveness, Price Optimization, and Revenue Management, and for any future products. Prior to joining PROS, Mr. Bondi managed the Information Technology at Florida Express Airlines.

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